Hassle free Small Business loan up to ₹22CR

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

The key to business growth is KreditLoan

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Looking to set up or expand your business?

Rate of interest: Up to 16% - 32%

Approval within 24 hours

Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

Features of business loan

Here is an exhaustive list of all the fees and charges to be paid for the business loan.

Quick approval

Limited or Private Limited Company, Partnership or Proprietorship Firm, Chartered Accountant / Self Employed Professional

Easy Loan Repayment

When you apply for a Business loan you have to upload your bank details on the app itself, so you can repay the amount via bank transfer.

100% Transparency

Transparency Guaranteed. With all your loan information provided upfront, you can trust us to be 100% transparent. No hidden charges with us!

Our Business Loan Products

If you know which productyou would like to apply for, choose one from below:

Fast Business Cash

We have taken loan processing times to the next level through our Online Only loan application process. It allows us to by-pass a lot of manual work and provide same-day loan approvals.

No collateral required

A business loan from Lendingkart does not put your valuable assets at risk. We offer unsecured business loans that do not require any collateral or security. So, you don’t have to worry about developing your capital assets anymore.

Fair interest rates

KreditLoan uses proprietary big data and machine learning tools to determine the lowest interest rates on business loans, on a case to case basis. This means the interest rates you get from Lendingkart are the best ones available for your business.

Extended Loan Tenure

Our loan tenure of a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 36 months, vastly extends the credit relief for your business. If you are facing temporary Business problems, a business loan tenure of 6 months or more can give you the necessary buffer for resolving operational issues.

No Hidden Costs

KreditLoan business loans promise zero hidden costs and charges. We only levy a one-time processing fee of 2-3% based on your loan ask and that’s all. This allows you to retain more of the principal amount for business growth.

Flexible Repayments

Last but not the least, KreditLoan business loans can be repaid in monthly or bi-weekly EMIs. Our EMI options allow you to pace your repayments as per your invoicing and sales cycle, for example, if your sales are going great, you can repay your business loan two times faster with the bi-weekly EMI option.

About Business Loan and How does it work

Benefits of Business Loan by KreditLoan

Business loans from KreditLoan are enabled you to redraw your business strategies for matching today’s agile work environments. Here are the benefits of taking a business loan from an NBFC like KreditLoan.

Since it is an unsecured business loan, you are at no risk of losing valuable assets or giving up precious company stock in lieu of investment. So, a Lendingkart business loan allows you to preserve your ownership while also providing you with the funds to grow your enterprise.

KreditLoan business loans increase your window of opportunity by providing both capital and time for you to streamline your cash flow and get into profitable territory. These loans allow you to strike a balance between your Business fund and company capital fund by providing investments that can be repaid in installments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started Simple & Securely

KreditLoan has kept the eligibility requirements to the bare essentials in order to process business loans faster. We do not require too many documents or unnecessary paperwork that can hold-up the loan approval process.

  1. An established business that has been in operations for more than 6 months.
  2. A minimum turnover of ₹90,000 or more in the 3 months preceding your loan application.
  3. The business should not fall under the blacklisted/excluded list for SBA finance.
  4. The physical location of your enterprises should not be in the negative location list.
  5. Trusts, NGOs, and charitable institutions are not eligible for small business loans.
  6. If you are not sure if your business falls under a restricted category or location, you can contact us to confirm your eligibility.

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